About Black Canyon CNC

We specialize in Fabrication and Numerical Control (also Computer Numerical Control; commonly called CNC). We have:

  • 24 years welding, metal and fiberglass fabrication
  • 18 years experience CNC program and operations of laser, plasma and water jet cutting
  • 18 years experience prototype design in metal fabrication
  • 10 years of CNC control laser and water jet engraving
  • 2 years in diode laser engraving

Meet the Owner - Paul Erdmier

Paul is a 43 year old happily married father of two teenagers.

Paul and his family enjoy being outdoors - hunting and fishing are family favorite activities.

Paul has an artist's eye with the unique ability to visualize details through other's explanation in regards to design.

Paul has a great passion for making people happy through his artistic creations. Paul loves making other's ideas come to life.


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